A Portrait of South America

Fabulous pics and story!

Adventures in Wonderland

26 Sept 2013 – 24 March 2014. We began on the east coast of the continent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our journey through South America took us first further north to Iguazu Falls and Uruguay, then all the way down through Patagonia to the island of Tierra del Fuego off the southern tip of the mainland. From there we travelled to northern Argentina, further north through Chile traversing the Atacama Desert, across the High Desert and Altiplano of Bolivia, and on up the Andean mountain chain to the Inca ruins and living Inca traditions of Peru. We dropped down to the west coast at Lima, headed into the wilds of the Amazon Jungle, and cruised around the Galapagos Islands, finally ending up in the genteel town of Cuenca, Ecuador.

The distances are huge: in six months we barely saw half the continent. With no grand plan in mind, just some…

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