Ice Sculptures in Banff National Park – Ice Magic Festival 2013

Wow! Amazing Sculptures!

Desiree Bilon

Photos by Desiree Bilon

Although the Ice Magic Festival is over for this year, the ice carvings are still on display – until they melt.


A few weekends ago, I piled into a car with my Mom, my brother Brett, his wife Lauren, and their daughter Aveya. We left early and drove to Lake Louise for the Ice Magic Festival that takes place during Banff National Park’s SnowDays – a month-long winter celebration. Now in its 19th year, the Banff National Park has added an additional weekend of ice sculpting magic for the “Little Chippers”, January 26th-27th.


The first weekend, January 18th-20th, was the official International Ice Carving Competition Weekend. This year’s theme was “Carve a Song”.

Hosted by The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, this 34-hour competition is the most anticipated spectacle of the Festival. 24 internationally recognized professional ice-carvers work in…

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