La vie c’est beaucoup trop pour être insignifiant…



Life is too much to be insignificant …

In summer
This season where the minutes lengthen to hold each second and snuggle in the present moment,
Just submit to the delight of the sun and watch the earth numb with warmth.

Summer in Panama …
It is the storm of blue sky, the burning paving stones, the walls spattered with light.
It is the ephemeral petals trained in a flight, a winged anxiety.
It is the quest for the slightest shadow in the intimacy of the walls, the gates, the green velvet of the foliage.
It is the weeping willow of the Island of the City, the leaves falling into the water like so many silent reproaches to our aging land.
It is this brief and strong moment when a cloud of birds takes flight in an explosion of wings and sun.
It is the merchant of balloons, clinging to his multicolored cluster, causing the envy of the children in an endless echo.
It is…

Today at the gates of autumn, the late sun join the cloudy firmament in a color tear suffers …
Finish the beautiful season !?
End the warm and delicious mornings to wander with no other purpose than the fleeting sensation of the present moment!

Already the day came into her house to push her out.
Here it is that runs like to live the next minute before that of the present …!

Carried away by the dense and disorderly flood, she knows very well that Paname is there to impose her rhythm on all these crossing lives. Lives to make emerge a spark sometimes seized on the fly or dissipated like a cloud of milk in a coffee.

Aaaah if the seconds were more spaced, she could sneak, escape, get ahead …

She makes her way through the thick hubbub.
Intoxicated … suddenly this nausea that stuck the heart in the throat, knocks against her temples and immobilizes her.
STOP !!!

As discreet as a comma in a 500-page novel, she sends a smile like a breach in anonymity.
A hand outstretched and her heart ready to explode like a sheaf of confetti.
An improbable encounter in the banality of an autumn day, provoked by the audacity of a smile …
In their eyes, time drags on like a long speech, until it takes the appearance of a slow succession of pretentious seconds.
He looks at it as if it were a break-in to reality.

The tumult of the horns,
The siren of the firemen to steal their moment …

She turns away with this desire to breathe the world to full lung, refusing to regret, to forget this snapshot of life.
She already knows that she will arrange it as one folds a garment and hug him in a closet with all his memories.

Life is not just breathing, it’s breathing …

Des mots...

cette saison où les minutes s’allongent pour retenir chaque seconde et se blottir dans l’instant présent,
juste se soumettre au délice du soleil et regarder la terre engourdit de chaleur.

L’été à Paname…
C’est la tempête de ciel bleu, les pavés brulants, les murs éclaboussés de lumière.
C’est l’éphémère tels des pétales entrainés dans une fuite, une inquiétude ailée.
C’est la quête du moindre raie d’ombre dans l’intimité des murs, les portes cochères, le velours vert des feuillages.
C’est le saule pleureur de l’île de la Cité, les feuilles tombant dans l’eau comme autant de reproches muets à notre terre vieillissante.
C’est cet instant bref et fort lorsqu’une nuée d’oiseaux prend son envol dans une explosion d’ailes et de soleil.
C’est le marchand de ballons, accroché à sa grappe multicolore, provoquant l’envie des enfants dans un écho sans fin.

Aujourd’hui aux portes de l’automne, le soleil tardif rejoins…

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