Guest post: Eddy Winko

So innovative!


I am very pleased to have received this guest post from Eddy. (OK, we all know it is a false name…) He was one of the first to follow this blog, and has remained one of my most valued and loyal followers ever since. This gives an insight into his move from the north of England to rural Poland, and his story of starting a new self-sustainable life there with his wife, Gosia. He built his own house from straw bales, and can turn his hand to many things it seems, even small-scale farming. A friendly and engaging character, always willing to be a part of his chosen blogging community.

I rarely endorse products via this blog, but on this occasion I am making an exception. Gosia makes some excellent soaps from natural oils and ingredients. They are for sale through his website at a very reasonable price, and can…

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