Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Bites

To good for words!

The Natural Blonde


There are lots of fun little things people fail to tell (read: warn) you about that come with “the miracle of pregnancy” – including the miraculous way your bowels seem to grind to a complete halt, leaving you, well, completely full of shit (kinda like those women who say they loved everything about being pregnant). For me, the pregnancy constipation was quite an uncomfortable change from my typical daily constitutional that occurred like clockwork each morning. In fact, I was feeling so bloated and uncomfortable that I was already longing to get into a comfy pair of maternity pants at 8 weeks! Needless to say this was not something I could deal with for an entire 10 months (yes, another fun fact people fail to mention is that pregnancy is actually 10, not 9, glorious months long), so I was keen on finding a way to solve this crappy situation…

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