Upside Down Citrus-Honey Cakes

Wow! What an amazing recipe!


My favorite way to spend wintry weekend mornings is baking. There’s nothing better than a toasty kitchen, and an oven oozing with warm, citrusy aromas. It doesn’t matter how frosty it is outside, the windows mist over, and my tiny apartment transforms into a cozy cocoon. For this recipe I combined seasonal citrus slices and a blend of whole spelt flour and corn meal, interlaced with velvety olive oil. In just a few simple steps — and no mixer needed — you can make luscious cakes, infused with warm spices, zesty orange peel and naturally sweetened with a touch of honey. These beauties are lovely served as a crowd-pleasing dessert, and leftovers are perfect as an on-the-go weekday breakfast (if there are any left). Whip out your whisk, and bake a batch of Upside Down Citrus-Honey Cakes for your next weekend baking project!

Upside Down Citrus-Honey Cakes 

Makes 12 cakes
1 cup whole…

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