Diamantes de vainilla — Home and Run

Poco a poco va saliendo el repertorio de recetas… y aquí os vamos dejando todos los truquillos para que las disfrutéis también ! Ingredientes para 30 porzas aproximadamente Mantequilla 200gr Azúcar 75 gr Vainas de vainilla 1 * Yemas de huevo 1 Harina 225 gr Ingredientes para 70 piezas aproximadamente. Mantequilla 800 gr Azúcar […]

via Diamantes de vainilla — Home and Run


Diamonds of vanilla
Will little by little leaving the Repertoire of recipes… and here I will leaving all the tricks to make you enjoy them also!

  • Ingredients for about 30 portions
  • Butter 200gr
  • Sugar 75 gr
  • Vanilla pods 1 *
  • Egg yolks 1
  • Flour 225 gr

    Ingredients for about 70 pieces.

    Butter 800 gr

  • Sugar 300 gr
  • Vanilla pods 2 *
  • 4 egg yolks
  • Flour 900gr

    You can add 4 teaspoons of vanilla sugar.

  1. Mix the ingredients with the blade and form cylinders approximately 250 gr and about 30 cm long to make it easy to handle.
  2. Let stand in the chamber for 1 hour.
  3. To paint with egg yolk, to batter in sugar and to cut in pieces of approximately 1.5 cm. We give so much data because then they expand and if they become very thin they can be broken.

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