Strudel de queso y vino tostado



One thought on “Strudel de queso y vino tostado

  1. Translated
    Toasted Cheese Strudel and Wine

    I share the recipe that has managed nighter … insecurity because I had to do something totally unknown …; let that through this and seeing the success of the recipe: I advise you to do and much peace … 1200 gr Flour !!!

    Water 500 gr
    Olive oil 200 gr
    Salt 20 gr

    Stuffed with cheese and wine

    Almond powder 200g
    Sugar glace 100 gr
    350 gr type cheese philadelphia
    Wine toasted (type Málaga) 150 gr
    Macerated raisins wine 200 gr

    Mix cheese with wine. Add the icing sugar and almond powder. Finally mix the macerated raisins. Let stand in refrigerator for a couple of hours.

    If we want to be individual weigh 75 gr of strudel dough and stretch as thin as possible. Brush with butter and put diluted 150 gr filling on top of dough.
    Roll the dough with the filling, forming a cinnamon.

    Bake at 200 ° C for 45 min. During cooking with butter paint diluted three times. A cooked and cold once paint with butter and add sugar sprinkles sugar glace.

    A deserved it.
    The filling can be varied, is typical do with the cream of apple (apple strudel).
    The recipe is from the Spanish Confectionery 2009 … it has rained: but what goes well and good because there is no change


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