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Good afternoon, guys!

After having Nao Sushi with the family in Burnaby on Saturday, we went to Fondway Cafe for some dessert and drinks. The sushi we enjoyed before this was so yummy that I couldn’t even pause to take pictures! We ordered six rolls for four people, and lunch boxes and soup for the other four. Since it was my last time having sushi before six months in the sushi-deprived province of Ontario, I STUFFED myself on way too many pieces to count. Worth it – sushi for life.

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Anyways, Fondway Cafe is a cute place hidden in Burnaby. It’s fairly new and specializes in Taiwanese-influenced coffee drinks and “Westernized” Asian desserts. Or, perhaps “Asianized” Western classics.

Address4462 Beresford St, Burnaby, BC V5H 2Y8
Open 10 AM to 9 PM every day

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Dad had the honey lemon coffee, and Uncle…

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