Finnish Cardamom Bread

This looks fabulous!

Sharing The Food We Love

Easter and baking seem to go hand in hand for me as the few extra days of down time allow me to squeeze in an hour or so in the kitchen whilst bubba takes a nap. I got motivated early and remade Elizabeth David’s Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday when a friend came to visit. Whilst my hot cross buns weren’t quite up to last years standard the spices got my senses going and it led to me wanting to bake something else. With the bread flour out of the cellar and the yeast to hand this delicious looking sweet cardamom loaf known as Pulla took my fancy. Taken from Sophie Grigson’s Spices book it’s feature spice made it very easy to choose what to make. It’s no secret I’m a massive fan of cardamom. This recipe is very similar to Swedish vetebrod I love but with a different…

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