Infinite Belly: An Intimate Scrapbook of Life in France, Through Stories and Recipes

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When chef Adélaïde Zollinger was accepted into one of the best pastry schools in France — run by Alain Ducasse — she and her husband André moved from their tiny apartment in Paris to Le Puy-en-Velay, a medieval town in Auvergne, a rural region in the center of the country. On their blog, Infinite Belly, they publish beautiful photo essays and recipes that celebrate the food, the landscape, and their shared life in France.

I chatted with André and Adélaïde — who have recently moved to Marseille — about their distinct visual style, their design inspiration, and approach to storytelling.

couverts-transparentYour writing and photography intertwine food and place beautifully. Has life in France inspired your sense of storytelling?

André is American and Brazilian, with a diverse family background. Read more about André and Adélaïde.

André: I have always enjoyed writing, but the fortuitous circumstances that led me to…

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