‘Feeling Presidential’ Honey Pecan Cake


The Crafty Cook Nook

Cameron and I are fortunate to have so many great friends and family members in Colorado who have made our transition into the land of parents a smoother ride, but I’ve been missing my family and friends who live outside the state, those folks who knew me before Colorado became my most recent home. D.C. gal pal Linsay and her fiancé (and our favorite marine biologist) Kenan came out for a visit over Presidents Day weekend, bringing their love of tacos, kitschy antiques, and the X-Files to our humble abode.

Linsay and I go all the way back to grad school in Reno, Nevada, where we shared a TA desk for two years in the English Department. She tolerated my overzealous leaf and rock collection that often impinged on her work space, and I reaped the benefits of her off-beat sense of humor and plentiful snack cabinet. (Linsay was the…

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