Healthy buckwheat and nut superfood cookies (biscuits) recipe


lili's cakes

Here’s some healthy stuff for us all to eat between cakes! 🙂  But nice and yummy so we can keep hold of that warm festive spirit and not mention that word (D-I-E-T).  Oops.  You didn’t see that.  Let’s just nibble on some of these tasty little biscuits or cookies.  Surprisingly yummy and addictive they’ll make you happy about having to eat more healthily after the festive food bonanzas you might have inadvertently taken part in.  It’s terrible how food just creeps up on you.  Yes, we’ve all been there.  I didn’t know what to call these biscuits.  They’re gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan with buckwheat flour, ground almonds and hazelnuts, maple syrup and other healthy stuff like dates, matcha green tea, chia seeds, coconut oil and optional sesame seeds.  A bit of a mouthful.  So I took the liberty of using the ‘s’ word and they became buckwheat and nut superfood…

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