Chocolate, raspberry and almond pots

What a great recipe!

Cooking for the Sensitive Gut

This delicious, quick to make, nutritious pudding is suitable for a lactose free diet and will be popular with children. It is made using the chocolate flavoured Oatdrink  called Chocoloat. Oat drink is made using oats by a compnay caled Provitamil. You can use lactose free milk, almond or rice milk instead if you prefer.

I have buried some raspberries in the centre of this baked custardy pudding but you could add banana or blueberries. The pink flakes scattered on the top are freeze dried raspberries. Brown and pink look so pretty together and make the whole dish look appetising.

Just a note about which milk to use. If you know you are lactose intolerant you need to stick to drinking lactose free milk – although most people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate a small glass. If you wish to use plant milk some contain FODMAPs which may trigger…

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