Bees in the coriander

What a lovely and inspirational post.


Leaning against the kitchen bench, she grips her cup of tea. The first cup of the morning is always the one to savour. Builder’s tea. A little milk. No sugar. By definition, not a true builder’s tea without two sugars. She looks out over the herb garden. A smile slowly develops. The flavour of tea being appreciated perhaps?  Pantone  2020 or thereabouts.

We follow her gaze out the window and can almost experience the aromas of the garden. Small green buds have formed on the basil in recent days. It will flower soon she thinks. Time to make some pesto but she knows she won’t do this. The flowers will come and go. She moves her focus to the next pot – the Thai basil. A strong licorice flavour she knows it’s great for stir-frys and all the Asian style foods that she enjoys so regularly. The deep purple stems and delicate mauve flowers a contrast…

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