Helpful Herbs: Ginger

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It may surprise you, but the spicy, soothing ginger root is something you can grow for yourself in your garden.  If you’re in Zones 7 or higher (approximately Maryland south) you can grow ginger in a herb garden, but even if you’re up here in the Northeast you can cultivate it indoors or in a greenhouse.

ginger Ginger plant

Ginger grown in the garden likes thick compost and partial shade.  It does not tolerate frost, so plant indoors or after last danger of frosting.  Start ginger from a section of root at least two inches long, with at least one bud or sprout on it.  The root should be dried for a few days before planting, and planted about an inch deep.  Water sparingly, and if potted keep in a warm spot with partial or full shade.  An indoor potted ginger needs approximately a 14″ round pot, depending on how many nodes are…

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