Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies (with Terry’s Chocolate Orange)

Wow! This sounds soo so good!

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Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies 1

If you haven’t finished your holiday cookie baking yet – you are in luck!  I have discovered an amazing new recipe for Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies using Terry’s Chocolate Oranges that is TO DIE FOR!

Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies 2

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are sometimes only available around this time of year, so drop what you are doing and get to the store and stock up on these so you can make them now and throughout the year!  ( You can always order from Amazon too!)

Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies 3

I found this recipe on a lovely blog called, What Jessica Baked Next, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see what Jessica bakes next!   In Jessica’s recipe, she calls for using EITHER Terry’s Chocolate Oranges OR chocolate chips with fresh orange zest.  I, however, used both Terry’s Chocolate Oranges AND fresh orange zest!  OH MY MY MY!

I also decided to dust them with a sprinkle…

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