Allotment Tarts With Chard

Lovely recipe!

The Botanical Kitchen

Aside from beetroot, I’ve managed to salvage some chard from the allotment this week.  It was being eaten by something a few weeks back but seems to have renewed growth.  I must confess though that I don’t much like chard!

We decided to grow it because it was just so so pretty to look at and it literally took over the patch with its stunning leaves.  In fact with such vibrant colours it’s been hard to cut it at all!

So much chard. Not sure what to do with it all! #allotment

A photo posted by Urvashi Roe (@urvashiroe) on Aug 16, 2015 at 1:31am PDT

But aside from sauteeing it, having it in soup, I’ve not really eaten it much. Today I decided to pop it into some tarts.  The girls call these allotment tarts because the ingredients are so interchangeable.

They are portable, great eaten cold or warm and…

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