A girl and A peahen

So many fabulous pics!


The dog and the turkeys.
the dog and the turkeys

Will we finally get some tomatoes?

Piggie heaven.
pigs in grass

Here is the girl (our cadet) and her peahen – Geraldine.  Geraldine is such an angel of a bird. I called to her and up she came and rushed across, I told The Cadet to sit on the hay bale step that Geraldine likes and this little bird, as sweet as can be, literally flew down from the top hay bales to the lap of this child then settled into her hands and sighed with relief.
girl and a peacock

Geraldine just loves people. And The Cadet has a way about her.  She is a good girl down in there in her boots. The animals and the birds know.  Though Ton has to keep a very intense eye on things.

girl and her pigs

The tiniest of tickles and those pigs roll over.
kunekune pigs

Now these two.  Tima and Tane. Bless them. Let’s do some maths. The first date Kim…

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