lemon tart, bare headed


lemon tart-8
This lemon tart is the underdressed sister of the lemon meringue tart that´s offered in any boulangerie/patissierie I know. Like baguette in the bread section and croissants in the viennoiserie, latarte fine au citron is a must bake for every boulanger (baker man) who wants to climb the heights of patissier heaven. The white swirly cloud of slightly browned meringue is such an eye catcher that a “regular” lemon tart with its golden brown caramelized top looks almost naked, as if something was missing. In fact, I was tempted to make a meringue topping, for the tart in its flatness and simplicity made me feel slightly uncomfortable: As if I was forced to look at the bald head of a person I had so far only known wearing a wig. First impressions create strong images that can be hard to erase – true for humans, true for tarts.

In this case…

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