Drinking Coffee in Iran | Gimme some Gahveh!

Oh my! Sounds fabulous!

Fig & Quince

Coffee cup in outdoor trendy coffee shop in Tehran Iran - Cafe Shemiran | FigandQuince.com #myepictriptoiran Coffee at Cafe Shemron, Tehran, Iran (2014)

This fourth installment of  “Drinking in Iran” — a photo-essay series documenting the tasty drinks (aka nooshidani) yours truly had to sip, gulp, swig, imbibe, taste, devour, knock back, or merely gaze at covetously during my sentimental and epic trip to Iran — brings us to covering that universally beloved beverage without which most of us would lose our ever loving mind. Namely: coffee! Cup of joe, java, or gahveh (قهوه) as we say in Farsi.

In other words: that without which life as we know it is surely not worth living! Hyperbole? I think not.

Coffee and cafe culture in Iran is well and alive and robustly kicking. There is a historic cultural precedent for coffee shops in Iran going a long way back to gahveh khaneh (literally “house of coffee”) where people – albeit mostly men – met to…

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