Baked Rhubarb and Apple

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If you  love rhubarb and want to try cooking it a way that intensifies the flavour and creates a delicious fruit treat or a great base for a fruit pie or crumble, then try baking it instead of poaching.  I amped up the flavour with citrus, spices and a bit of apple and it was a delicious flavour worthy of my breakfast porridge as much as a warming winter dessert.  The brown sugar and apple helped to balance out the tartness of the rhubarb without making it too sweet, whilst the butter, not essential, but I did find it gave it an extra dimension to the flavour on my tongue which alluded to caramel and took the flavour in a direction I wasn’t expecting.  I would definitely recommend giving this a try next time you have rhubarb in your kitchen.


Baked Rhubarb and Apple

  • 1 bunch of rhubarb stalks (approx…

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