Echium, Threads and Happiness

Anything to save our bees!


We spent the morning putting the world to rights with lovely friends who brought us some baby plants, Echium, which grow to 8 or 9ft and attract bees by the dozens. The plants themselves seem to emanate a buzzing which sounds quite unreal. They will not flower for two years but we will nurture them with love until they do!

Baby Echium plants Baby Echium plants

2   I’ve done a bit more embroidery this afternoon and just love my new collection of threads.

Embroidery threads Embroidery threads

3   And in these days in the aftermath of our General Election when some of us are still feeling bereft, a little advice that I am trying to live by.

Create all the happiness you can Create all the happiness you can

Thanks to Jeremy Bentham (15 February17486 June1832), a British gentleman, jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer.  What he actually said was  :-

Create all…

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