Grand Lessons of Hope

   “ Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. ”

― Thich Nhat Hanh

Turkeys on the road2~ Upon looking through my email today I got so overwhelmed. There is a multitude of “help save” articles, causes and updates.

I cannot avoid feeling depressed about how sad a state our world is in. Headlines read:

And so forth…..

Then there are the political issues. I won’t even go there. There are many!   😦



I Must Confess

Days like today I have to pick myself up by the bootstraps and say:

“Hey, get a grip. Do what you can. Focus on the positive and send whatever good energy you can out into the world!”

Every little bit helps! Right! And if everyone puts in a small part to help our world, it would be so much better off.

I must confess, I cry for my grand-babies and great grand-babies. I want them to have a world to live in. The same world that I experienced when I was a child. Clean, pure and unadulterated.. So, I thought… But in comparison to today, life was so much more carefree and pure. Yes, I worry about our future.

So I do what I can. e.g. recycle, ride a bike (even in Montana’s cold winters), buy and grow organic food, educate people on health and the life-taking mediums that are destroying our world such as GMOs, fracking etc.


On a Positive Note

honeysuckle vineI am closer to God when I am outdoors.

It is during these quiet moments that I seek answers and receive messages, both small and grand.

On my journeys I always take the time to stop and take in the beauty. As of late, I carry my camera everywhere I go. In the past, I had way to many “missed” pictures.

In light of today’s overwhelming emails, I decided to post some of Natures wonders. Ah, what a privilege to live in such a beautiful area where God touches me with  everyday miracles.

The pictures are just my last few days journeys. I do hope they bring light to your day.  For today is the promise of spring!

God Bless!

About my Pics

The close-up picture of the flowers are of lilacs. They were my fathers favorite, who is now gone. What a glorious way to remember him!

The turkeys were having a time with the local traffic. However, the brave head honcho fluffed up his feathers and stopped the traffic until all the family of turkeys crossed the road safely.

An old heirloom honeysuckle plant. I just love the way the vines intertwine!

I think the bumble bee just got finished stinging some type of creature. He was slowly dying on the sidewalk. Such a beauty!


~ Okay… I have to share another picture of the lilacs.

Although they are short lived, they are well worth the wait.

lilac bush

~ And then there is the cherry tree. This picture is from the back yard of dear friends of mine. An older gentleman who is a practicing herbalist and his sweet wife. They operate a business that has been handed down through the generations. Practicing herbalists are a rare thing here in the states.

I am not sure what the jar is for. I will have to ask them next week when I see them again.

back yard cherry tree


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