Cabbages and cows

A great story and beautiful pics.


Naomi is growing into a lovely big well fed  calf. Already she is chewing on grass and when she comes into the barn during the hotter hours of the day she also chews on cabbage leaves and grated apple and carrots. Such a well fed calf. This is the kind of foods my cows eat at milking time.  I am training her mother to eat green leaves at milking time but she is slow to agree. She is not like Daisy, who loved her vegetables. We have actual plantings of kale and cabbages and pumpkins specifically for the  milking cow and her handmaidens.
 naomi dutch belted

But she is a pretty well fed mother cow. She is not complaining.

cow and calf

Freya and Hazel are also growing beautifully. Their field is beginning to look a bit like a junk yard with all the odd play things that they are collecting.

la mancha goats

Sheila does not like it to be hot neither does she…

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