Cranberry Orange Muffins. Always a Favorite.

This looks fabulous!

Raincakes and Thunderbuns

DSCN5464IMG_1580 When we were very little and my grandparents came to visit, they liked to take Raincakes and me to a certain park, with bluffs over looking the ocean. It was always a special outing. We’d walk the winding little quarter mile trail to where the waves were breaking fifty feet below, and just enjoy the view for a while. Sometimes we’d bring bread to feed the seagulls. And of course, we’d eat snacks.

Because, every grandparent-grandchild outing I ever went on required snacks. We’d stop at the grocery store on the way to the park and my grandfather always used to tell us that we could pick out one thing from the freshly baked goods shelf, as long as it wasn’t a donut. And I always picked the same thing: a cranberry orange muffin. I don’t remember when I decided that those were my favorite. I don’t think I ever…

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