Cherry Blossoms

 “ When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. ”

― Harriet Beecher Stowe

cherry creek retreat2~ I must admit, the past month has taken its toll. In the promise of spring, many winter clients grabbed me before I got bombarded with summer’s work, and many of my summer’s clients grabbed me quick before I was booked.

So as of late, overtime has been second nature. In truth, I have been close to exhaustion. But I have always been high energy. And with open arms I greet the change of winter’s doldrums and hurriedly grab the welcome work!

In lieu of all this I’ve been looking for housing. Three strikes already. I cannot find anything reasonable. All I want is that small place in the country where I can grow my garden. I have had many rejections.

I finally got some feedback with this last “sorry but we chose someone else”.  I guess people are reluctant because I ride a bike and do not drive. They find it strange and feel I might depend on a ride come this winter.  My goodness! I am speechless..  Talk about backwards and so off base. It wasn’t but a few generations ago that it was second nature to walk or ride a bike. Has the world gone so astray that our perceptions on ‘how life should be’ misconstrue the good things in life? Shouldn’t physical exercise be looked upon as a positive trait and not something that is “mental’? Yes, I even had a person ask me if I was taking meds because it is not normal to ride a bike year round. Well, you get the picture.

cherry orchard

On a More Positive Note

With all the chaos and hullabaloo I decided to take a day off. I took a trip up one of the many rivers here. I had heard there were numerous cherry orchards in the area and I wanted to get some pics before the cherry blossoms were gone. And what a site it was! Unfortunately my eyes weren’t the best that day so I second guessed the pics I took. Everything was blurry! Man, this getting older thing is no fun at all! I am not growing older gracefully though! However, I really could not see the pics I was taking so I used my innate intuition on composition and layout. To my surprise, many of the pics turned out wonderful! I cannot help but share my experience and glorious day!

Family Owned Business and Bigfork

ancient cherry treeMost of the cherry orchards in the area have been handed down through the generations averaging about 5-10 acres. The first recorded orchard was in 1885 just north of Bigfork. In 1892, Everit L. Sliter planted 500 cherry, apple, plum and pear trees on the east shore of Flathead Lake. By 1902, Sliter platted the Bigfork town site at the mouth of the Swan River. Ever since then the east shore has been a major cherry growing area. In fact, tourism and cherries now support the local economy.

What is more, Bigfork has been honored and listed as: One of the 50 Great Towns in the West, one of the 100 Best Small Art Towns, One of the Great Towns of America, and National Geographic Guide to Small Towns Escapes. As well, the Bigfork Summer Playhouse is considered one of the Northwest’s finest professional repertory theaters. The quaint town of 4,270 people (2010 census) has numerous attractions including art galleries, top of the line boutiques, fine restaurants, golf courses and Flathead Lake for fishing, swimming and diving. Bigfork is also gateway to the 91-mile Seeley-Swan Scenic Drive. The spectacular scenic drive is between two magnificent mountain ranges with crystal clear lakes and deeply wooded slopes.

And for outdoor enthusiasts, Bigfork is within a short distance of the Swan Wilderness, the Bob Marshall and Glacier National Park. Offering a plethora of recreational outdoor activities for those inclined.

cherry blossoms


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