Bauhinia variegata ‘Candida’ (White Orchid Tree)

Absolutely beautiful!

The Tropical Flowering Zone

Bauhinia variegata 'Candida'Bauhinia variegata ‘Candida’ (White Orchid Tree) Aka Pata de Vaca, Bauhinia, Orquidea de Pobre, Butterfly Ash, Butterfly Tree, Camel’s Foot, Camel’s Foot tree, Orchid Tree, Buddhist Bauhinia, Florida tree, Orchidtree, Poor Man’s Orchid, Variegated Orchid tree, Hong Kong Orchid Tree, White Bauhinia, White Camel’s Foot, Mountain Orchid Tree, and White Mountain Ebony, is native to India, but has naturalized in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world.  The flowers appear on the trees from January to April. The flowers are followed by 12-inch-long, slender, brown, flat seedpods which usually persist on the tree throughout the winter. 

I’ve posted now three types of Bauhinias; The Purple, the Pink, and now this White. It took me quite some time to find the White Bauhinia variegata ‘Candida’, because it prefers a slightly colder breeze which you don’t get in the urban San Juan area. It is hardy to USDA zones 9B through…

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