The Promise of Spring

crucus bloomsWell, I have to say that I am so disappointed. Last week we had beautiful sunny weather. So nice that even the crocuses decided to poke their heads out of the ground. The gorgeous days lasted for about  a week. That’s it!

The sun is out but more snow is in the forecast. The temperatures have dropped drastically. It went from about 50-60′ to a mere 21 degrees. Yikes!

At least I managed to get a few pics of some lovely crocuses before Jack Frost literally nipped them in the bud. I got  ‘before and after’ blooms of these delicate flowers. They are so tried and true for spring. 😦 In an instant they were gone, taken away by the cold bitter night.

Ah, but my lovely flowers are a promise of spring!  I really have to tell myself quite often.  That way I am reminded that this exceptionally long cold winter will soon come to pass.

I cannot help but think that since winter started early it should end early, right! Plus it’s been a much colder year than the norm. So why isn’t it spring yet? I think that this year Jack Frost is going to tease us a lot. Having a touch of spring then it disappearing at the drop of a hat is like dangling candy in front of a child. I would much rather have the cold and snow all at once instead of a tee-tottering ordeal . That way we are done with it.

deer and horsesYes, I am bantering.

Okay, it’s Sunday. The day I always call my mother. My mom lives on the Oregon coast and they have been getting beautiful weather. Many of her flowers are up, such as hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and the like. She even has cucumbers and squash started in the greenhouse. Not fair, right? 🙂

But even then, I would never trade where I live for an early spring. I just love it here! The mountains are amazing, the wildlife is very abundant. And yes, those deer are in my back yard. I seen a beautiful eagle last week. About a month ago I seen a coyote plus we had about 35 elk in our driveway. It is so very amazing here.

So, if you have a touch of spring where you live, please send a little my way. It has been such a long, long winter. I really could use some warm sunny days!


crocus buds and leaves


6 thoughts on “The Promise of Spring

  1. No spring here yet either! Daffodil stems got up to about 2 inches and then quit after we got some snow and 19 degrees! So, I find comfort looking at my photos of the flowers and garden from last year and picking out new flower varieties to plant from my favorite seed catalogs.

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    • Sounds like here. Such a long winter this year. I am finding comfort in putting together an article on where to buy organic seeds.
      What new varieties are you thinking about. I do so love my garden!

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  2. My list is so long of what I would love to plant. One thing in particular that I want to try is some heirloom viola. Had never heard of it until this year. Beautiful looking plant with edible flowers. Hopefully I will have lots of photos of King Henry and Johnny-Jump-Up viola flowers to post on my blog!

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    • Oh, violas are lovely and so delicate. Some violas are more palatable than others. But they are all still lightly sweet. That sounds like a wonderful new version for your garden plans. What great joy!

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