Hyacinth, Puppy Poem and A Visit + A P.S.

What a lovely gift!


1   Last Saturday our other lovely neighbour brought us a pot of tightly closed hyacinth bulbs because they were going away for half term. Rather than leave them to blush unseen and waste their sweetness on the empty air, H brought them to us. They have bloomed and their scent is still glorious so when the family returns this evening, I shall return them so that they can also gain pleasure from the pink delicacy of these beautiful hyacinths.

Pink hyacinths Pink hyacinths

2   BBC Radio 4 has a lovely programme on Sunday afternoons called Poetry Please. This afternoon the poems were all either written by teenagers, starting with The Force that Through the Green Fuse written by Dylan Thomas when he was only 19 or for teenagers or about teenagers. The poem I am about to share with you fits both those latter categories – and I hope it amuses you rather than causing offence! It…

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