If We Could See Inside Others’ Hearts – #1000Speak

Such inspiring words!

Lipstick and Laundry

Did you hear that?

That’s thedrums beating in unison with their battle-cry forcompassion.


Today’s Feature: Over a month ago, a friend of mine asked me to join in the February 20 #1000Speak. It’s where thousands of writers, bloggers, and dedicated hearts join together to speak about compassion.

Today’s Challenge: You don’t need grand gestures or a huge bank account to be compassionate. This is about seeing others and meeting them where they are without judgment or prejudice. I have a few challenges for you today – each task is more difficult than the one before:


  • Look for the #1000Speak hashtag on your favorite social media sites. Read their words, practice what is preached. Write a few of your own.
  • Read posts from three of my bloggy friends:
    • Lizzi(our fearless leader and moderator)
    • Karen(a heart-teller from way back)
    • Dani(one of the kindest, more generous women I…

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