Long Cold Winter | in Like a Lion out like…

Try and Rest Ranch

I have to admit, this has been one of the longest winter’s I have ever experienced.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to constantly complain about the weather regardless if it’s sunny and hot or deathly cold. To never be happy with Mother Nature has to be a miserable way of living. But what do I know.

Back to the Winter’s Blues

Texaco signNo, I’m really not blue but I am a bit anxious for spring. Okay, I am really ready for spring now.

I find myself laughing at pictures that kick the groundhogs butt or kill the snowman with a lot of knives and some rope. It’s not not like me at all.

But this year Old Man Frost came at least a month early. I think that Spring should be early to. Don’t ya think? Shouldn’t it be “In like a Lion and out like a Lamb?”

Oh, but that is another story told. I know, I changed the wording a bit. Here’s the history:

“March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”

It is said that the English playwright John Fletcher (1579-1625) may have steered the way toward the popular saying with his prose “I would chuse March, for I would come in like a Lion…But you’d go out like a Lamb when you went to hanging”, in 1624. Fletcher famous prose was from his play A Wife for a Month, a tragicomedy (Licensed 27 May 1624; 1647) in Scene II. Act I.

In the late 17th century, English writer and naturalist John Ray (1627-1705) established the connection when he noted, “March hack ham comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb.” This prose appears in Ray’s book the Catalogue of English Proverbs ( p 41, 1690). Note: Hack ham or hackande means annoying. Today it means a place in Adelaide Australia that is filled with underage mothers, alcoholics and drug dealers.

In 1740, “March came in like a lion” is also quoted in both Ames Almanack and in William Byrd’s Another Secret Diary. Then in 1788, John Adams notes in his Diary, “The month (March) comes in like and lion, and according to the farmer’s proverb it must go out like a lamb.”

So there you have it, according to the farmer’s proverb, March should go out like a lamb because it sure looks like a lion at the moment and it’s only February.

Forgotten Post

Tim ManWell guys and gals; I got so caught up in the March’s lion and lamb that I almost forgot why I wanted to post . First, I want to take the time to thank the many wonderful people who have been following my sites. Without you, I’m sure I would not be posting now.

For truth be told, if you had not been here during my ups and downs, I would have become a ghost blog in no time.

It has been such a crazy few weeks that I felt I really needed to post. Not only for my own selfish reasons of  “needing to write just for me and not my clients” but also for all who read my posts and follow my blog.

I also wanted to share my most recent pics. I was quite amazed at how they turned out. I really don’t think it’s because I found the ‘perfect shot’. I had pic fever that day and my spirit or energy was in the now, enjoying the beauty of my surroundings and all that it has to offer.

Until we meet again my friends  ~

old trailer

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