Sunny Sunday?


Gwirrel's Garden

Today has been a lovely, sunny day. I’d almost even claim it was warm. Almost.
Some of the snowdrops opened, but I didn’t like to venture up the garden to take photos of the groups under the cherry tree… Why not? Because there’s still some snow on the grass, and I didn’t want to risk damaging the already damaged, clay soil.

I also spotted ‘flore pleno’. I was quite shocked actually, because last time I looked there was no sign of it and generally it blooms later than ‘nivalis’. There’s only one this year, and I hope the others soon appear, but I plan to buy some anyway for pots so this is my prompt to visit the local garden centre in the hope they now have them in stock (they didn’t a few weeks ago).
Snowdrop ‘Flore Pleno’

There are a few groupings closer to the house where I…

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