11 Of The Most Outrageous Chocolate Desserts Ever

A fabulous list of desserts!


The Extravagant French Dessert That's Secretly A Snap To MakeThe Extravagant French Dessert That’s Secretly A Snap To Make

Pots de creme — which are basically individually portioned bowls or cups of loose custard — take just 20 minutes to prepare (plus chilling time). This recipe includes clementine zest, which is a bright complement to the rich chocolate. If you don’t have ramekins, just use assorted wine or martini glasses.

4-Ingredient Brownies4-Ingredient Brownies

The only thing standing between you and subtly sweet, cakey brownies is a handful of everyday ingredients (Nutella, eggs, flour and kosher salt) and 45 minutes. You could probably get away with skipping the salt, but it adds a sophisticated and savory edge.

The Chewy Chocolate-Chip ClassicThe Chewy Chocolate-Chip Classic

Chef and Food Network personality Alton Brown shares his recipe for deliciously ooey-gooey chocolate-chip cookies. The magic ingredient: bread flour. It has a higher gluten content, which thickens the dough and helps make the finished product chewier.

The Truly Genius Way To Pair Wine And ChocolateThe Truly Genius…

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