Elk Herd Near Home

elk in distance

The wildlife is one of the biggest reasons why  I moved back to Montana! It is phenomenal! These elk were in a distant field plus it was a very overcast day,  so I couldn’t get the best pictures. But I had to share my experience! The site was so amazing that many a car stopped to take a look. In fact, one lady stopped by the side of the road and end up getting stuck in a ditch. We had just got dumped on big time, so the snow was very deep and the temperatures quite bitter.

elk prancing

I spied the elk from my patio late afternoon. I could barely see them with my binoculars, so I decided to take a small 1/2 mile walk to the highway in hopes of getting a better view. I could have got closer for a better shot. But one thing is certain around here, Never get to close to the wildlife. They are unpredictable and can turn on you in a heartbeat. In truth, I am more afraid of the moose than I am a bear. They are very aggressive animals and would just as soon charge you. A moose can move surprisingly quick if angered or startled. Here-tell, bull moose may be aggressive toward humans due to the high hormone levels they experience. But all moose attack humans. They are most likely to attack if  harassed or annoyed , or if their “personal space” has been encroached upon. However, I have found that there “personal space” is always offended. In truth,  moose attack more people than wolves or bears combined. They just don’t like us! So, if you ever visit Montana or other places where moose are abundant, Please Don’t feed them!

elk and fenceElk are not at all like moose. They are shy and  very suspicious of humans. Generally large herds are not seen until spring. I counted 38 elk, another person counted 39. This is a large herd. I think they came down from the mountains because of the cold and hunting season just got over. Pretty smart animals.

elk prancing Well, 2 days later my roommate came home from work. This same herd was in our driveway. She almost didn’t make it in. We live on a hill and the road was very icy and deep with snow. She had to idle the car and wait until they left. It would have been easy to spook the elk. Last thing you want is a herd of spooked elk frantically running for cover. I am sure they would have done a lot of damage to the car.  I sure would have loved to witness the event. Wow! And talk about great pics!

coyoteLast night I seen a coyote. I stepped onto the porch and it was about 7 feet from me.  Unfortunately, it made a mad dash back into the woods, so there was no time at all to grab the camera.

Until next time… which should be soon. The animals are coming out of the woods (plenty of pics).  It must mean spring is near! Yippi!!! It has been an extra long winter here.

Picture credit: Coyote




7 thoughts on “Elk Herd Near Home

  1. I could easily move to Montana for the peace and wildlife. I just love your photo of the coyote, here they are very shy and rarely seen in daylight. I agree on the elk, but when rutting they attack people. A friend of mine raises them, and I have had to make quick escapes myself. He also has zebra, and although friendly, they can be very mischievous.


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