Winter and Spring Fermentation Workshops

Great post! a “Keep us healthy” recipe for kombucha!

The Zero-Waste Chef

The idea that kombucha (or any ferment) is safe only in the hands of technical experts denies the long lineages of home and village production that spawned them and plays right into the disempowering cult of specialization. — Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation

Coriander-raisin sourdough bread Coriander-raisin sourdough bread

Last week, when my boyfriend Vlad tasted my first variation on sourdough bread (coriander-raisin), he said I should start a bakery. This week, after he tasted a new batch of kombucha I had flavored with candied citrus peels, he said I should start a kombucha company. (He’s my biggest fan.)

If I could produce the stuff on a larger scale, perhaps I could launch a profitable food business. But I’m most passionate about teaching people how to do these things for themselves. (In addition to eating more of my ferments than anyone, Vlad has attended more of my workshops, webinars and presentations that anyone.)


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