See ‘Ya Later Alligator!

And I thought a bear running towards me on my path was scary!

Wander Woman

Blogging 101, Assignment 9 – Engaged Posting

I was reading “Weird Thoughts” on The Creek, a witty blog by a man who lives on a creek with his dogs.  His weird thoughts included wondering what would happen if his eyeball popped out while he was rubbing his eye and he put it back in sideways, would he lose his balance?  If he put it in backwards would he see the inside of his head? Pure silliness which is right up my alley and got me thinking about my own weird thoughts.

I live in Florida where everyone knows that there is an alligator living in every body of water.  Floridians are taught that although alligators can run up to 35 mph on land, they cannot make right-hand (90 degree) turns, so if you are ever being chased by an alligator, simply make a 90 degree turn.



Who in the world is…

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