My Recent Vegan Chocolate Indulgences (Holiday Edition)

Oh my goodness!!!

It's Got Vegan In It


2015 is in full swing and the holidays are behind us, and boy, did I enjoy some vegan chocolate! Here’s my latest round-up of all the products I discovered and enjoyed throughout the holiday season and into the new year 🙂


I found some limited edition Bixby bars. The whole Bixby bar line isn’t vegan, but they have many vegan-friendly options.

These chocolates are from Rose City Chocolatier. Not only are the chocolates edible (of course), but the wreath-shaped box they came in is also completely edible! This was one of the best Christmas presents I ever received! 🙂

These mini chocolates from Vita Organic Foods are not only vegan, but they are very “clean” with only minimal ingredients. There’s a whole line of products, which I found at Whole Foods, but I couldn’t afford to buy all of them, so I simply bought the minis as I…

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