And Along Came A Spider

Oh my goodness.


Our Spider

One of our earlier posts in our Weird & Wonderful series was about the skin-eating fish of Cambodia, and now the creepshow gets better.  It’s a long way to Cambodia, but I only had to move to Georgia, right here in the good ol’ USA, to discover my first snake-eating spiders.

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2 thoughts on “And Along Came A Spider

  1. Mary thanks very much for the reblog of our post. As I expected, we’re getting lots of response to the post, which is always fun. I’ve never spent much time in Montana, and after your stories of agressive wolf spiders and hobo spiders I’m not too sure that I want to. Thanks again for the reblog. ~James @

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    • You are most welcome… Ah, but the mountains and wildlife here is also big… glaciers, 240 species of birds, large water falls, lakes, etc. I love it… just not the spiders


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