Roasted Carrot and Cumin Dressing


The Crafty Cook Nook

We’re halfway into January and still months away from garden season in Colorado, which means local vegetables are slim pickings. Thank you, farmers of California, Texas, Florida, and Mexico, for keeping me nourished during these knuckle-numbing winter days. Last weekend when I was scouring cookbooks for cold-season recipes, carrots kept waving their fluffy, green leaves at me. Usually I pass over the ubiquitous vegetable because the humongous grocery store variety tends to be so overbred that it tastes like watery cardboard. Not high on my must-nom list of vegetables. I decided to give the ol’ carrot another try this week, dropping a little more money on a store-bought organic variety. It was a worthy investment since carrots serve as the centerpiece for today’s recipe.

Below you’ll find yet another, plant-based winner from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. I tend to rotate three or four homemade salad dressings (Seriously, don’t waste…

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