How I travel

Great photo!


Oh how I wish I had more time to tell you about how I  pack a bag, I have traveled so much in my life that I have a weird science when packing, (though everyone has a different method) and this time I have 75 beanie babies, a stunning Little Black Dress, lasagna pans, Gluten free rice lasagna, meatloaf tins, knives, a beautiful vintage crochet dress that I bought in a second hand shop in Soho, London, a sun hat,  a set of blocks, my favourite pinny, a set of cut out play people, Darth Vader, my new mono pod (thank you darling),  gloves, calendars, books, farmy baby animal books, more books, paintings, recipes, prints.  Cameras, chargers (for everything), kindle, laptop, up to date passport (yes I have panic checked the date a number of times), three tops (short sleeved, long sleeved, baggy shirt), three bottoms (jeans, black tights, long skirt) and two pairs of…

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