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Illustration Credit & Copyright: Felix Pharand-Deschenes and inspired by Adam Nieman.

Thought of the day!
“We must protect those two small spheres if future generations are to survive on that large one.”

This incredible illustration gives us something to ponder for sure. Here is Earth shown to scale if you collected the entire volume of water and air on the planet, balled them up into spheres and put them on display for a side by side comparison.
The air sphere shown here corresponds to its sea level density or one atmosphere. The water sphere represents 1.4 billion cubic km on Earth. That includes oceans, lakes, rivers, clouds and ground water. The air sphere represents all the air in our atmosphere; all 5,140 trillion tons.


Here’s an earlier (lower image quality) water only representation from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The large sphere (860 mi. or 1384 km in diameter) represents…

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