Tea of the Week: David’s Tea’s The Skinny

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Thirsty for Tea

What are your goals for 2015? Judging from the packed gym this week, exercising and making time for your health might be at the top of your to-do list. Personally, my goal is stay balanced. A piece of mochi or a trip out for afternoon tea? It’s all fine, as long as I earn them, stay mindful, and keep things in check.David’s Tea’s The Skinny gets those ambitious aspirations towards well-being into motion. A few revitalizing sips help to set the stage for making better health choices. An added bonus? The blend is organic, keeping with the theme of drinking and eating clean. And if you find yourself feeling under the weather this flu season, a touch of honey will instantly change this vibrant brew into a home remedy.

Tasting Notes for David’s Tea’s The Skinny (Organic):

BREWING TIPS:  The instructions say to brew the tea at 185 degrees F for 4-7 minutes. I prefer to brew this just under 5 minutes. Longer steeps…

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