A Day with the Ducks & Geese

feeding ducksIt has been a quiet time since the holidays. The winter days are long and downright cold. A few nights ago we got hit by snow really hard. It must have snowed all night long. There is more than a blanket of white, the land is quilted with packed heavy snow and the trees dangle with shimmering  icicles. We shoveled all day, just to make a clearing to get to and from the house. Even the hay shed for the horses caved in. Next: time to shovel off all the roofs (5 sheds) so they don’t dilapidate into a pile of frozen debris.

But I must confess, it is beautiful!   Although, the many people stuck on the side of the road would probably beg to differ.

I was fortunate enough to take my granddaughter out to feed the ducks and go sledding before the snow flied. Sad to say, her mom works many evenings and Ambrosia does not have the playtime that is well needed for her age. She had a great time. At first the ducks intimidated her. The moment we parked the car the ducks came charging toward us. Here she was, nailed against the vehicle with a hundred ducks at her beck and call. The poor birds were starving.

Ambrosia feeding ducksOnce Ambrosia figured out that the ducks were harmless, she let down her guard and led them off the road out of harms way. We went through 1 bag of popcorn and two big bags of bread in a hurry. Off and a way we went to get more feed. But had to get more sledding in . Our first round of sledding was short lived. Two times down the hill and Ambrosia’s fingers were freezing. She only had the felt type gloves, her warm ones were locked up at school.

Feed the ducks.. go get warm gloves… grab a few bags of duck food.. at last, back to sledding…  Yes, the time is waning, but we made it back with a few hours of sunlight left.  Brr, and it was cold. But so much fun. Unfortunately I was to cold to take a lot of pictures. I captured two pics of Ambrosia, but that’s it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The moments will be treasured forever.

ambrosia sleddingSo folks, that’s about it.. Not a lot of adventure around here lately. I usually catch a glimpse of the extraordinary everyday. But much of my time has been spent indoors. Many of my dear friends have been spoiling me and giving me a ride into town 7.25 miles away.

Yes, I ride my bike all year, through snow, sleet and hail.  But it’s during these bike rides that I’m in touch with nature and see all it’s wonder.

Until next time..


Oh, Happy New Year!

May you live as long as you like and have all that you like as long as you live.


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