Quick Easy and Delicious! Quick fix Breakfast : Honey Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit

Great recipe idea!

The Young. Married. Vegetarian

Well, Good morning Hawaii!  I was yet again reminded of how beautiful life can be; starring out my window, looking into the clear blue sky, all the while still wrapped in my bed sheets, asking myself, mmmm…, What to eat?  This is an everyday contemplation before I get up and start my day.  I like to have a plan, you know.  Scanning my kitchen pantry and cabinets in my head, I remembered I had a bag of grapefruit that was begging to be used before they kill over.  So, grapefruit it was.  I put my favorite combinations of sweeteners together; brown sugar, honey, and my favorite breakfast spice, cinnamon.  I cut my grapefruit in half, and popped both halves in the oven covered in yummy goodness.  Fifteen minutes later, I took my grapefruit out of the oven, poured a little more honey on top, just for my guilty little pleasure, and…

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