Redefining Wealth: A 21st Century Perspective

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Universal wealth

Has someone ever said this to you, “It’s all about you.” Or have you said, “It’s all about me?” Well, it is. Everything is about me, about what I think arising from experience, education, and emotions. Science, from physics to science of the mind, has proven that through the power of thought we do create our own world. So let’s take a brief look at me.

I can get distracted. I can be impatient. My feelings can get hurt. I can get frustrated. I can feel under appreciated. I can spend too much money.

I don’t yell in anger. I don’t slam doors on problems. I don’t get into credit card debt. I don’t bury my head in the sand to the pain in the world. But, I don’t let what I cannot immediately change overwhelm me.

Yes, I am a mass of opposites, but I understand this makes me…

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