Adventures in the Mercantour National Park – South France


Spicy Road

We decided spend one longer weekend in the mountains so we took a picnic basket and set off for the mountains… to meet the WOLVES!!!

Leaving the Riviera’s famous city Nice, we drive north for more than an hour towards the Mercantour National Park (since 1979), one of 10 National Parks. We pass through the historical town of Saint-Martin Vésubie and rise up to a level of 1.500m above sea levels. There is an outstanding nature around us and we can also notice how much colder it gets here. The temperature drops down by 12 degrees, from initial 20°C to only 8°C within just half an hour drive!

DO YOU KNOW that – the wolves live in packs of approximately 5-11 individuals. Usually the pack is led by an “alpha” couple that lives in monogamy for their entire life and has 5-6 cubs every spring. They feed on deer, wild…

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