Isn’t it Wonderful!

deer and horsesI just saw the most amazing thing. After the full moon had faded behind the horizon I went outside to catch a late night break.

Dogs were barking in the distance as the silence of the night let the noise echo. In the field over the fence I could hear pit pattering footsteps. I spied the deer I had seen earlier at dusk. It quickly sensed my presence and abruptly stopped to take a look.

“No danger” the deer said to itself as it continued to eat the last morsels of frozen grass under the tree. I stared in awe at this most graceful creature and squatted close to the ground to remain lifeless and still. I looked up again to see another deer come prancing toward its friend or lover.

Usually deer are always on the lookout for danger with a ‘deer pose’ and forever on guard. The two beautiful creatures were completely relaxed and at ease. They were in their own world with no worries or cares. The first deer I saw was the largest one, its tail stood strait up in the air as the smaller deer approached. The other deer complied, and repeated the same happy jester with its white tail pointing up to the sky.

FluffoeAt peace, the two nuzzled each other and literally danced slowly across the snow to the next shelter of trees. It was then to my amazement that my eyes seemed to deceive me. But they hadn’t.

The two creatures were hugging each other by rubbing their necks together gently. It was like they had arms that reached out and said “Hi, I love you, I am glad you are here”.

It was the most amazing site I have ever seen. I could see in the distance the two lovers or friends walking side by side in search of a place to rest and snuggle for the night.

That was a miracle I seen last night. I am in the woods or country often. Never have I seen this. Deer are most always skittish and leery. To witness their guard down and allow me to enter into their world was such a blessing.  Amazing!

My only regret, it was too dark to capture a good pic to share. Oh, that is Fluffo the cat. She doesn’t seem to mind the snow so much. And Judds Way is down the street. I love their sign and how it contrasts with the snow.

Until next time, be safe and always kind.



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