Korean Barley Tea

Fabulous recipe!

Thirsty for Tea

After coming back from the World Tea Expo, I spent the lot of last week moving from my small apartment into a larger house.  I don’t know what my husband and I were thinking when we planned for a move smack in the middle of hot, sunny June.  The heat was relentless and the work was endless, not to mention that we couldn’t get the internet hooked up until just yesterday.  Amidst mountains of cardboard boxes lying around, I ripped open the box labeled “kitchen” and grabbed the first stockpot I could find.  Throwing some barley and water into the pot, 20 minutes later I had boiled up some wholesome Boricha.  Later that evening when winding down from the exhausting move, a tall, chilly glass of Korean Barley Tea was pure, simple comfort.

Barley tea is called Boricha in Korean and Mugicha in Japanese.  You can’t go to any Korean restaurant without being served plentiful…

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