Dubai, over 40 degrees every day!

Wow, fabulous pics and prose!

A Tale of 2 Weddings....

Before I tell you about the melting pot of Dubai,P1110085 just a little on our departure from Zurich.  The 6 hour flight to Dubai with Emirates was blissful, we were most impressed with the smiling and obliging Emirates cabin crew,

photonot to mention the food, the Cointreau after dinner, (this was economy class) and most of all the A380 itself.  It must have been very new, it even had crystal clear individual wide screen entertainment systems, and was the quietest, smoothest plane we have ever flown on.   Aidan was very pleased to find golf lessons which kept him entertained for the whole flight.  Zurich airport is lovely, and has a large Lindt shop where this young man who was making chocolate airplanes was delighted to pose for a photo.P1100961

P1100963Arriving in a new town late at night is best avoided, but this time around we had no choice. However, the upside of our midnight arrival in…

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